Scrapwall is an intimidating sight. Towers of rusted iron and hills of rubble and ruin, long ago divested of anything of remote value by tech-hungry scavengers, loom from the dusty surrounding plains. Immense lengths of chain, coils of jagged wire, giant clockwork gears, and old corrugated metal cargo containers riddled with gashes, bullet holes, and the telltale pockmarks of laser fire are piled high, forming a jagged and intimidating hill-like wall surrounding the interior. Scrapwall is 3 miles across at its widest point, and the walls of junk enclosing its interior are an average of 30 feet high. These walls are not vertical and can be scaled, but the rubble shifts dangerously at times.

Inside, Scrapwall is a maze of streets and crevasses mixed with large open areas of relatively clear terrain. In some places, jagged but shallow sinkholes filled with strange, smoking ooze spew fumes into the sky, while in others, makeshift streets of ripped-out steel paneling have been laid down against the elements to prevent thoroughfares from being reduced to toxic mud pits by the occasional rainstorm. Different gangs control various regions, marking their territories in unmistakable ways. The temperature within Scrapwall is always a few degrees higher than beyond the walls, and the air carries with it a miasma of chemicals and rust and grit that marks all inside.

The PCs may know some of the information below, depending
on the results of their Knowledge (local) checks.

DC 10 Scrapwall is a vast sprawl of junk and refuse, long
picked clean of most useful bits of salvage and
now home to outcasts and exiles.

DC 15 Residents of Scrapwall can earn a place in one
of the region’s many gangs by proving their
bravery, ruthlessness, and audacity, qualities
known collectively by locals as one’s “scrapworth.”
The higher your scrap-worth, the more
respect you’re afforded, and the less likely you
are to be bullied by any of Scrapwall’s more
powerful denizens.

DC 20 The current gangs of note within Scrapwall, in
ascending order of power, are the Steel Hawks,
Redtooth’s Raiders, the Smilers, and the Lords
of Rust. Another group, the Thralls of Hellion,
seems to have recently been disbanded. Loners of
significant power are believed to dwell within
Scrapwall as well, including a mysterious
worshiper of Brigh, a powerful mutated
manticore, and an unknown number of undead
spirits that haunt the region’s easternmost
reaches, but most of those living in Scrapwall
are riffraff and lowlifes known collectively as
Scrappers—exiles and vagabonds who pay
tribute to one of the region’s gangs for protection
but have no affiliation of their own.

Gaining Scrap-Worth
As the PCs explore Scrapwall and prove their mettle against
its inhabitants, their reputation in the region increases.
This reputation is tracked as the party’s “scrap-worth”—a
local slang term for respect. When the PCs first arrive in
Scrapwall, they’re unknown and their scrap-worth is 0.
They can increase their scrap-worth by accomplishing
certain victory conditions and goals.


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