Envoy's Mouthpiece


2,000 GP
SLOT headband WEIGHT 1 lb.
Originally worn by translators,
messengers, and diplomats,
these objects were always
constructed to appear
elegant and beautiful. An
envoy’s mouthpiece is a circlet worn across the mouth,
with slender arms that reach along the jaw to wrap around
the wearer’s skull and hold the device in place. Two thin
earpieces extend up from the band to slip unobtrusively into
the user’s ears once a mouthpiece is donned. When created,
an envoy’s mouthpiece is encoded with a specific single
language. Whenever the language is spoken within 30 feet
of the wearer, the mouthpiece translates that language into
Androffan. In addition, any words spoken in Androffan by the
wearer are transformed by the mouthpiece into the encoded
language, allowing conversation to take place between the
wearer and speakers of the encoded language. An envoy’s
mouthpiece cannot be used to translate languages other than
the one it has been programmed to translate, but a newly
created mouthpiece could, in theory, translate languages into
something other than Androffan.
An envoy’s mouthpiece automatically records any words
spoken through it, allowing anything said through the device
to be replayed through its earpiece at the touch of a button
on the lower right side. Up to 30 continuous hours can be
recorded in this manner. Holding the button down for a full
round erases any currently stored conversations.
Craft Technology; production lab


Current recorded message:

“This is the final report of salvage module Chrysalis, Captain
Yurian Valako reporting. Divinity is lost; the rest of the ship’s crew
is presumed dead or worse. The surviving crew of Chrysalis and I
are boarding a launch and will attempt an emergency landing, but
without AI control, the prospects of a safe landing are minimal.
I’ve secured an inhibitor facet—if I can install it into the Unity
interface, it should disable the AI’s security long enough for us to
reclaim control and perhaps even signal for help from home. I’m
boarding the launch now, and will append further reports after
our successful landing.”

Envoy's Mouthpiece

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