Kela, Chosen of Brigh

Kela, Chosen of Brigh has felt the pull from childhood to embody the Mother of Invention on Golarian. She fights to destroy foul corruptions and misuse of technology while dedicating herself to making new discoveries and creations.


See her full PDF character sheet here

In keeping with her goddess, Kela has self-crafted much of her own equipment, including two unique items:

250px-Brigh_Mask.jpgClockwork Mask (Wondrous Item): This mask is modeled after the Mask of Brigh and is essentially a replica of it. It is fitted exactly to Kela’s face and she is never seen not wearing it. Even though the features never seem to move, viewers have the uncanny impression they can somehow sense different expressions and emotions from the wearer.
The mask grants Kela a +2 enhancement bonus to charisma. In addition, it allows her to cast the Brigh unique spell Semblance of Flesh 1/day (CL 3).

Articulated Armor (Technological Armor)
Price: 7000gp Type: Medium AC Bonus: +6 Max Dex: +2 Armor Check Penalty: -4 Weight: 20 Max Speed: 20 Spell Failure: %30 Capacity: 30 Usage: 1 charge/minute (see below)

This high tech medium armor was designed based on research Kela did into advanced alien armor and modeled again after her goddess, Brigh, following the same alabaster and brass design. The armor roughly covers the entire body though there are gaps at joints, waist, etc to allow for movement. In normal use it functions as attractive, if a bit cumbersome, medium armor.
Using a swift action, the operator can trigger overdrive mode. Fine servo-motors and actuators come to life, speeding and smoothing the users movements and substantially reducing the cumbersomeness of the armor. In Overdrive mode stats are:
Type: Light AC Bonus: +6 Max Dex: +5 Armor Check Penalty: 0 Weight: 20 Max Speed: 30 Spell Failure: %15
In addition, Kela can use 1 additional charge to move an extra ’5, or 3 additional charges to move an extra ’10.
Craft DC 26 Craft Technological Arms and Armor Cost: 3500gp
(Note Kela has had this magically enhanced to +1)


Kela talks little about her past. While she models herself after Brigh, she is still human. Kela herself wears no helmet and her height and long black hair streams out from behind her Brigh mask speaks to Kellid heritage. Her armor, though modeled after the goddess, looks more like armor and less like an automaton. She always wears her mask and her long dark cloak. She takes her food away from others so they cannot see her face, though she can consume water and potions through the mask. She speaks with a calm and reassuring voice, unmuffled by the mask and filled with a clarity certainty which others can not help but take heed of.

Kela hates the Technic League and the way it uses technology to maintain their power of Numeria. In battle she prefers to enhance herself with a few key spells and charge to the front rather than stand back and support from a distance. The battle rage in service to her goddess causes her to lose her grip on language, and she only speaks in smatterings of Androffan and Aklo in these situations though she can understand others well enough.

Kela is accompanied by her clockwork raven, Salome. Salome, who can speak common, is chatty to a fault and its constant banter can be alternately entertaining and infuriating on long trips.

Kela, Chosen of Brigh

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