Iron Gods: Valley of the Brain Collectors

Nalakai's journal

The journal is written in Orc, and interpreting its
dense, crabbed writing reveals a recurring
theme in the prayers—Hellion’s primary goal, it seems, is to
destroy something his worshipers know only as the “Source”
or the “Prime.” It is obvious that Hellion is some
sort of offspring of an even greater menace, one that Hellion
seeks to eradicate in part as vengeance for a period of time
that Hellion served the Source as a slave, but primarily so
that Hellion can take control of this more powerful entity’s
resources. By studying the prayers and succeeding at a DC
14 Knowledge (local) check, a character deduces that this
powerful entity, whom Hellion hopes to kill and replace,
dwells somewhere below Silver Mount


Eak Eak

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