Iron Gods: Valley of the Brain Collectors

Kulgara's Journal

Hellion hopes to use the reactivated excavator as its body
and can transform it into a mobile stronghold that may
even be capable of burrowing into the heart of Silver
Mount. Unfortunately, the structure still requires
vast amounts of power, and Meyanda’s failure to
gather that power has resulted in an unwelcome
delay to this plan. Hellion hopes that this is
but a temporary setback, but knows that every
day that passes before it can strike against Unity, the
greater AI will continue to grow in power—if Unity can
find a way to extend its inf luence beyond Silver Mount in
a significant way, it will be too late to oppose it.
• With the excavation and repowering of the excavator
delayed, Hellion recently revealed to Kulgara an
interesting secret: Hellion was not the first of the Iron
Gods spawned by the entity it calls “Unity.”
Another came before him—a “prophet of
Unity” named Casandalee. Hellion regards
Casandalee as a sister, and notes that just as it
escaped Unity, Casandalee betrayed Unity and
escaped as well. According to the fragments of
memories Hellion inherited from its creator,
when Casandalee fled Unity, she took
with her a device called a neurocam,
onto which had been recorded many
of Unity’s secrets and, Hellion hopes,
Unity’s weaknesses. Fortunately, Unity’s robotic
minions were never able to track down and
capture Casandalee, so Hellion believes
that this neurocam still exists, hidden away wherever
Casandalee ended up. He notes that she was an android,
not an artificial intelligence, and that she has certainly
been dead for these many centuries, but that if the siteof her death could be discovered, it might be possible to
retrieve the stolen neurocam and extract key information
about Unity and its defenses.
• Working with information supplied by memories
stolen from Unity before Hellion f led Silver Mount
and independent research done first by Meyanda and
more recently by Kulgara, Hellion has discovered that
Unity’s robots finally caught up with Casandalee in
southern Numeria, in an area now settled by worshipers
of Erastil—the town of Iadenveigh. Kulgara has been
working up a plan to mount an invasion of Iadenveigh
to search the site for clues or, perhaps, the location of
Casandalee’s last stand and the neurocam,
but it’s obvious from Kulgara’s notes
that she’s not yet sure exactly
where in Iadenveigh to start
the search


Interesting. Might be possible for a disguised group of adventures to slip in where a giant warmachine would have trouble…

Kulgara's Journal
Eak Eak

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