Iron Gods: Valley of the Brain Collectors

Assault on the Lord's of Rust

Skzzplat The lazer blast passed through Ethered’s jet of plasma emitting from the small ion drive embedded in the stump of his neck, where his body used to be. He exclaimed some exasperated explictives to anyone with hearing range.

“Look at the bright side,” Ruby, his demon tainted protege quipped. “If you had a body, you’d be dead. Now stop bitching and let’s go get Hellion once and for all.”

“Uilean, lay down sometching distracting!” growled Garth, the half-orc nominal team leader as he pulled the pin on a concussion grenade and waited, counting. “6. 5. 4…”

Uilean reached around the metal girder she was using as cover and whispers her commands to the magic that surrounded her. A force that somehow, through hard work and study, she was able to tap into. In a few instances, a black shroud divided the room in two, Garth then tossed the grenade through the illusion, hearing a satisfying bang and following screams. Oh shit he thinks as he hears a familiar scream.

“I am coming!” shouted Andover, the crazed priest of an ancient cult the others had never heard of. He ran right through the darkness. The the sound like nothing they’d never before filled the room. A loud buzzing that sound like it was produced by explosions, at least ast that was the best they could make of it. Pieces of Andover start d spraying though the black shroud Uilean had summoned.

“Shit!” Screamed Garth. “Uilean. Ethelred! Cover us, Ruby, on me let’s go.” Garth leaped up, drawing his sword. Ruby closes her eyes, and a bolt of lighting runs along the edges of her own blades. They both charged through the blackness as Uilean dissolved the barrier illusion and Ethelred blasted flames summoned from his face.

Garth ran right into the serrated chain blade of the orc woman. It passed right through his torso, sending his body into vibrations and blood spraying from his mouth as he screa,ed. Ruby hastily screamed out the words for another spell and took two swings at the orc. The first missed, but the second hit, sending electricity sparking thoughout the orc.

Kulgara howled for a second, then smiled and kicked the dead half orc off of the sputtering chainsaw. “Run girls. You can’t hide from Hellion.” Behind the massive orc, was about a dozen crazed cultists chanting “Kulgara” and “Hellion!”

And they did run. But they came back.


Eak Eak

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